May 26, 2022
Cristina Sáinz de la Flor
Sales Consultant
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Fútbol Emotion invited us to join their quest to conquer a new market: Italy. With a personalized social media and influencer strategy, we were able to capitalize the market, generating more than 11 million impressions and a community of 16,000 followers.

Over the past few months, we aimed to become soccer players with Fútbol Emotion. Together we became a team and our Marketing team scored more than a few goals with their Italian branding campaign.

In this article, we’ll outline the entire match. First, however, take a look at some of these highlights: 

  • We bet on social media and TikTok specifically to connect with our target audience: Gen Z and young parents.
  • We created adapted content and even challenges.
  • In 7 months, we were able to create a community of more than 16,000 followers .

Fútbol Emotion: a branding project in Italy 

Since its founding in 2001, Fútbol Emotion has been able to position itself as a leader in the exclusive sale of sport materials for soccer players. It’s been able to grow, cross borders, and, in addition, has had success leading the Spanish market and been one of the top 3 brands in Europe for online soccer materials sales. 

branding strategy

Within this growth strategy , Fútbol Emotion planned to promote its brand in Italy and conquer the market, contacting We Are Marketing (WAM) to put this plan into action.

In the words of our client: “We’ve felt as if Messi was playing on our team, but instead of a star player, we’ve had the fortune of having various professionals that have helped us achieve our goals .” 

How to Make a Branding Campaign for a New Market 

Just like soccer players train to hit the field as prepared as possible, we dedicated two months to designing a personalized strategy and campaign to achieve the best results

During this time, we studied our target audience (Gen Z and young parents), defined a concept , and carefully selected the channels and messages through which we could connect with them.

We ended up creating excitement for soccer in Italian culture ; we saw the opportunity to grab the public’s attention and make a lot of noise. And, to reach them, we chose the most popular platforms for these audiences (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook) with the goal of creating relevant content and choosing formats that convey the brand’s values. 

With all of this defined, how did we accomplish it? At WAM, we proposed a three-step, seven month plan that would help create brand awareness and reach the consumer. 

As our main channels were social networks, we proposed content adapted to video formats and challenges . In addition, we used innovative paid formats like Spark Ads, exclusive to TikTok. 

branding brand positioning

All of our actions also had the support of an influencer strategy that allowed us to expand our actions and create a more effective message. 

Results: the branding campaign was a hit

Thanks to the participation of the branding, creative, and social media team, we were able to bring Fútbol Emotion to the top of the target audience’s mind and create a wide online community made up of 16,590 followers (9,611 on TikTok, 6,673 on Instagram, and 306 on Facebook) in just seven months.

In addition, with just the first action, we reached 11 million users and 33.6% of Youtube’s audience saw our entire manifesto video that we launched during the first phase of the campaign. 

The actions also had a direct impact on web visits, which allowed us to reach 144% of our web traffic goal

The response of the Italian market was so positive that this region has become one of the main sources of business for Fútbol Emotion in a short period of time.

branding brand identity

From our point of view, the success of the branding campaign lies in two pillars:

  • The study and planning of actions , which allowed us to properly understand our target audience  and know exactly how and in what way to connect with them.
  • Creating content adapted to each of the platforms we use, using a message that awakens interest in the audience.

This is our process every time that a client presents a challenge: analyze, personalize, plan, implement, and measure results. And, of course, have the support of all the professionals that make up We Are Marketing . As a team, we work hard to achieve quality results. Just like soccer.

csgo2022赛程新版,csgo官方下注 csgo2022赛程新版,csgo官方下注
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