Jun 23, 2022
Sara Rodríguez-Borlado
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We’re talking about employer branding, which means converting your employees into company ambassadors; thanks to proper online communication, talent will come knocking on your door.

Today, all companies know what employer branding is, but only a few are making the most of it on social media. And social media offers the opportunity to attract talent simply, easily, and efficiently. 

According to LinkedIn , 52% of candidates get information about the company through social media before sending their application.  

Before we begin, let’s review some basic concepts: 

Employer branding: what is it? 

Employer branding is a term that refers to the image that a company conveys and its reputation in the sector as an employer. 

The goal of these employer branding strategies is to position the organization as one of the best places to work to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract high-quality candidates and, at the same time, make your employees loyal to you. 

And this is increasingly more important. Having a good reputation or not as a brand can have a big effect on a candidate’s decision and, ultimately, the company. According to LinkedIn: 

  • 75% of professionals will research the company before applying for a position
  • 69% won’t apply if they see something they don’t like , even if they are unemployed

This is why attracting talent means working on your value proposition as employers and using social media to connect with your target audience. 

Why Should We Use Social Media for Employer Branding? 

Just like with any strategy, we have to think about the audience to whom we are addressing. If we achieve this first step, we then have to remember that the workforce is split between two generations, millennials and centennials , who are starting to join the workforce. 

These people were born into the digital era and are used to using social networks to communicate, get information, and make connections. That’s why companies must be present on these channels to be able to connect and push employer branding. 

Benefits of Employer Branding 

In addition to the previously mentioned points, employer branding has significant advantages. On one hand, for the brand, it: 

  • Increases brand confidence
  • Humanizes the company
  • Increases communication on social media
  • Increases web traffic
  • Increases conversion rates from the candidate to the employer
  • Positions the company in the sector and differentiates it from the competition

And, on the other hand, on an internal level for the company’s current employees: 

  • Their professional profile becomes more competitive 
  • They improve their personal branding 

Work on Employer Branding Inside Out

A good employer branding strategy begins with a loyalty program for employers. That means that the first step is creating a good work environment and offering attractive benefits so that the employees themselves become company ambassadors. Then these employees can communicate their own experience to the outside world and share the advantages of working in the organization.

It’s important to: 

  • Motivate employees and create a sense of belonging.
  • Offer trainings so that the entire team has basic social media knowledge. They will improve their personal branding and the company can push employer branding.
  • Include posts on the brand’s social media that showcase employees or share their posts.
  • Recognize the work of employees through social media, highlighting excellence and achievements. 

4 Tips to Improving your Employer Branding

In addition to a loyalty strategy, you’ll need something else to improve your employer branding. 

1. Apply the 3T Trick 

In order for your employer branding strategy to be successful, you’ll need to remember these three words:

  • Transparency : show the company’s values, work method, and goals for both the team and the outside world. 
  • Talent : humanize and focus on your team.
  • Team : involve all employees to achieve success.

Here you can see the benefits of your employees getting involved and participating in the organization’s communication strategy. Your reach will be greater and engagement will be increased; interaction between people always works best. 

2. HR and Marketing Must Work Together 

Employer branding requires a multidisciplinary team made up of the csgo平台在线, HR, and communications teams. All parts must be equally involved to reach your goals. 

3. Share Quality Content 

Social networks allow you to be creative, use different formats, and create a history around your brand image. Take advantage of it! Make your followers imagine themselves working in your company. 

You can talk about your organization’s day-to-day, share training events, job openings, or any other thing that makes your workplace special.  

4. Choose the Right Channel 

When it comes to creating your employer branding strategy, you have to make your goals clear and decide what channels will help you achieve them. If, for example, you want to attract creative talent, maybe you should be on Instagram. 

Define the channels and adapt content to each of them; avoid copying and pasting the same post on all social media. Respect the nature of each and you’ll be able to better connect with your audience. 

To sum it up, start working on your employer branding together with your employees on social media. Work on internal culture, ensure your employees are proud ambassadors, and soon talent will come knocking on your door.

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